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Second Screen
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ScreenLinQ technology recreates the spatial classroom scenario students are familiar with into the settings they're most comfortable with. Their own living-room. ScreenLinQ also brings one of the most elusive experiences to distance learning which is the social multi-user or multiplayer experience of an active classroom.

The multiuser-multiplayer classroom experience enables one instructor or teacher to administer real-time learning, instruction and testing to multiple students in multiple locations at the same time while controlling the primary screen, which for online students would be their living-room television and for students in class would be a video blackboard or projector.

Multi-User Muilti-Platform

ScreenLinQ brings the two most important elements of the learning process. One is the group element and the other is the response-reactive element where there is a realtime question and a user initiated response with an immediate teacher reaction with explanation and reference.

The ability for students to render immediate feedback via tablet or smartphone not only expands the learning process by easily including home students in the realtime process but also by digitally collecting student answers, questions and feedback so teachers can process student data faster and move the classroom towards a more efficient digital future.


This process is difficult to produce on a computer with any level of spatial differential between the teacher and student. In simple terms, second screen interactive technology recreates the familiar classroom setting in the living room.


With the growing need for effective learning systems as more and more people are home schooled and classrooms are getting larger we needed to develop an immediate input responsive technology to stimulate the learning process.

Pttisburgh, PA

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